Amber Valley and Erewash Support Centre provides education for pupils who are permanently excluded from mainstream education, or at risk of permanent exclusion.
Before being referred to a Support Centre, it is likely that pupils will have received considerable support in school from teachers, teaching assistants and sometimes a behaviour support teacher.
Admission Criteria
Pupils are admitted to the roll of AVESC if they meet the following criteria:
  • They are Year 3 to Year 11
  • They have been permanently excluded from a Derbyshire mainstream school / or are at risk of permanent exclusion
  • They have been transferred from Holly House ESBD Special School at the end of Year 9 (Year 10 and Year 11 pupils)
  • They have taken up residence in Derbyshire and have been previously attending a Support Centre for permanently excluded pupils, in a county where the Local Authority operate a policy of preventing permanent exclusions by placing pupils in a Support Centre and who would have been permanently excluded but for this policy
  • The educational needs of the pupil can best be met by this Support Centre
  • On the direction of the Local Authority

Dual Registration

As a means to prevent permanent exclusion, AVESC works closely with local schools and clusters, offering dual registered placements for an agreed time period.

Admission Process

 All admissions will come through to the school, and be considered on a weekly basis. Admissions are considered by:


  • The Headteacher

  • One of the Heads of Centre


Admission Process

  1. Information about the academic, behavioural, social and emotional needs of the student is collated by the Integration Pathways Team (IPT) and presented in a Pupil Information Form (PIF). Integration Teachers provide additional information to further inform the decision

  2. For all Key Stages, the AVESC liaises with parents or carers when a decision regarding placement has been made

  3. AVESC will ensure that all the necessary information has been received before considering the referral

  4. AVESC will consider the needs of the pupil and agree an appropriate provision to meet those needs, taking into account the places available across the school's sites

  5. Priority will be given to Children in Care and pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs


Transfer of pupils between Support Centres

  1. The referring Support Centre will provide an up to date Pupil Information Form (PIF) about the student, to include: current behaviour; academic progress; relevant information provided by other agencies; and reason for referral directly to AVESC

  2. AVESC will ensure that all the necessary information has been provided before considering the referral

  3. Priority will be given to Children in Care and pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs

  4. The pupil will remain on the roll of, and continue to attend, the referring Support Centre whilst the arrangements for admission to AVESC are made

  5. AVESC will liaise closely with the referring Support Centre and parents, and will inform them of arrangements for visits to new provision (including external providers), and the start date at the new provision 

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