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Approaches to Reading



We consider reading to be a fundamental life skill. It is our goal to establish a reading culture within school and inspire all pupils to develop a love of reading. Reading is a life skill and within the school’s curriculum it is the most fundamental transferable skill, as it makes learning accessible to all pupils. We encourage and develop young people’s reading:


• By embedding reading across the curriculum, at all stages 

• Through a formal programme of identification and intervention like VIPERS and Rocket Phonics (coming in September 2022), for pupils who are not meeting age expected standards in reading and spelling 

• With a graduated response to meet the needs of pupils, including a phonics programme for older pupils called 'That Reading Thing' who have yet to establish their reading skills 

The school’s curriculum intent is built upon the principle that young people at the school will be fully prepared for the next stage of transition, whether that be a return to mainstream school, or moving on to a new destination. In all cases pupils are required to have secured the literacy (and numeracy) skills to successfully transition to the next phase, including that of adult life. 

Please click here to view our school Reading Strategy 2021-22. 

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