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At Kirk Hallam we have both KS2 and KS3 pupils. The majority our pupils are dual registered which means that pupils attend their Primary school in either the morning or afternoon and attend our Kirk Hallam site when not at their mainstream placement. 

KS2 Curriculum

At KS2 we offer both a full and part-time Curriculum at Kirk Hallam. The students are a mixture of permanently excluded and dual registered pupils. Pupils attend their Primary school in a morning or afternoon and Kirk Hallam site when not at their mainstream placement. Pupils are taught via a thematic based approach and have access to English; Maths; Art; PHSE;

KS3 Curriculum

At Kirk Hallam, the KS3 curriculum comprises of: Maths; English; PSHE; Art; ICT; Food Technology; Humanities. 

Approach to Delivering the Curriculum 

  • Learning covers English, Maths, PSE and Themed Topic-based sessions linking to Science and the foundation subjects, as well as PSE where appropriate.

  • Topics (or themes) are studied termly and on a rolling programme: Year A and Year B. Each term has a focus of either History, Geography or Science.

  • An AQA PSE qualification is studied with the aim to achieve an Entry Level in 3 topic areas whilst in placement. Some pupils can achieve more, dependent on their time in placement.


Curriculum Content

Year A

  • Autumn Term: History Lead Topic focusing on The First and Second World War

  • Spring Term: Science Lead Topic focusing on Earth and Space

  • Summer Term: Geography Lead Topic Focusing on a Study of another Country


Year B

  • Autumn Term: History Lead Topic Focusing on Colonisation of America

  • Spring Term: Science Lead Topic on Health and Well Being

  • Summer Term: Geography Based Topic on Oceans and Rivers


Reading and Learning Initiatives:


  • Reading initiatives include Catch Up and The Big Red Box reading cards

  • Reading Comprehension is also taught discreetly as part of English lessons

  • Phonics sessions are at least twice a week for identified pupils

  • Catch-up for identified pupils 4 times a week 10-20 minute sessions

  • The Big Red Box Reading cards led daily for 15-30 minute sessions

  • Spellings are practiced daily

  • An online support including games, assessments and practice of maths skills, Mathletics is led at least once a week for all pupils

  • An online support including games, assessment and practice of phonics and spelling patterns, Spellodrome, led at least once a week for all pupils

  • Lego Therapy in groups of 3 for identified pupils once a week

Please click on the links below for further information on the topics taught:-


Year A

KS2 Autumn Term 'Britain at War'

KS2 Spring Term 'Space Exploration'

KS2 Summer Term 'Carnival'

KS3 Autumn Term 'Britain at War'

KS3 Spring Term 'Space Exploration'

KS3 Summer Term 'Carnival'


Year B

KS2 Autumn Term 'Liberty'

KS2 Spring Term 'Rivers & Oceans

KS2 Summer Term 'Health'

KS3 Autumn Term - 'Liberty'

KS3 Spring Term - 'Rivers & Oceans

KS3 Summer Term - 'Health'

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