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Welcome to Kirk Hallam Site

This site is designed to support KS2 and KS3 pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion from their mainstream schools. The aim is to provide short part-time intervention and work in collaboration with mainstream school to reintegrate pupils back into learning.

Placements are usually for two full academic terms, however, some pupils will stay on roll for a longer period of time depending on their needs and readiness to re-engage back into mainstream education. Placements are taken up on a dual registered basis and most pupils attending the site for part of the day and the second part of the day at their mainstream school or vice versa. Some pupils may attend on a full time capacity but this depends on the needs of the pupil and arrangements with the mainstream school.

The curriculum approach is thematic and focuses on the core subjects of English and Maths, whilst also incorporating PSHE, History, Geography and Art.

We pride ourselves on the successful reintegration rates back into mainstream education and the support we provide for our pupils and community schools.

Kirk Hallam Site
Assistant Headteacher: Kelly White
Phone: 01158 500841
Amber Valley and Erewash Support Centres
Windsor Cresent
Kirk Hallam
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