There is no set uniform. Students should ensure that clothing is appropriate for work and no t-shirts with offensive words or slogans are to be worn. 

If any particular clothing is required it will be provided (for example, overalls for mechanics).  It may be necessary that students have to share overalls and boots. Students may buy their own boots and overalls but they would have to be sourced by themselves.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary at some sites and students must wear it at all times when on site to comply with Health & Safety regulations. 

Bennerley Support Centre

  • Plain black shoes or trainers. No white logos or stripes either on the upper or sole

  • Black loose-fitting trousers. They must not be tight or classed as leggings

  • An Amber Valley and Erewash Navy Blue polo shirt. (provided)

  • An Amber Valley and Erewash navy blue sweatshirt. (Provided)

  • A plain black or navy-blue cardigan (girls)

  • Black loose-fitting skirt that falls at knee height. The skirt must not be tight

Kirk Hallam Support Centre

Pupils will wear the uniform that they attend their mainstream school in when they attend the Centre.

Sawley Support Centre

  • T-shirt and sweatshirt with the Support Centre's logo

  • Dark coloured trousers

  • Shoes must be worn and not trainers